Jan 31, 2010

Here we go Lady Gaga, here we go!

Grammy's are on tonight! Yay!

Note: My pictures now include a little label on them. I was reading on another blog about "copywriting" your photos and ideas. Granted alot of my ideas are not mine, but the photos are. I also am going to stop sharing photos of the recipes out of books just because I don't want to get into any copywrite problems myself! I will let you know what page though in case you have the book.

Mike and I have been saving alot of things we normally wouldn't have in the past. Since money is tight we just can't part with anything! Including glass jars and plastic containers with lids. We had a big 5 gallon plastic ice cream container that we saved. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Then one day, after starting our garden, I thought "Hey, we should start composting". So I started filling up the container on the counter, but it got full quick. So earlier this week Mike went out an got 2 15 gallon containers for $6 (we only needed one). Today I finally made him make our outdoor composter since the container on the counter was starting to grow mold. From his $6 container and some wood and dowels left by the previous owners Mike started:
After a few hours (especially waiting for the drill battery to charge), he finished:

He did have to go out and buy the hinges and latch (costing him $12) which put this project to $18 but it is still way cheaper than buying one of this pre-made composters which can cost hundreds of dollars. Now we have our own personal composter to feed our plants and maybe help us make more!
Breakfast today was the pancake recipes from the 1961 cookbook (pg 92) just because:
The butterscotch brownies I made for Christmas dinner on Thursday were divine! So I made more. Just the butter mixed with the brown sugar is heaven:
I know, so bad for me, but soooooo good! We still had a few of those fish squares left from Angel Food Ministries, thus dinner consisted for baked fish squares, potatoes sauteed with garlic and herbs, and everything coated with clarified parsley butter. No real recipes for this stuff, just followed to basic guidelines I learned awhile ago and tada (sorry, I wanted to taste it and then I forgot I hadn't taken a picture):

Until we meet again, here is a picture of baby Charlie enjoying his first big yard:

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