Jan 12, 2010

The sun should always be shinning...

The sun is back out in Florida, so I am happy with that situation. Yet the job situation I am still un-happy with....oh well.

Saturday apparently was not a good day for sewing, so all I completed on the apron was cutting out the fabric. Once the entire thing is completed I will post some tutorial pics and directions. Saturday was a good day for baking cookies though! I use a modified version of  this oatmeal lace cookie recipe. I do not use the raisins or nuts, and I cut back slightly on the cloves and allspice (don't forget the vanilla! It's at the bottom of the ingredient list and I almost always forget it!). This is the first time I used the mixer for this type of cookie:

Worked great, of course. I drop the cookies by the spoonful onto a parchment lined baking sheet and then I used some parchment scraps and a flat bottomed glass to flatten the cookies. There are supposed to be "lacy" with little holes between the oatmeal.

I did try using the silicon baking mat for one batch, but they did not come off the sheet so well so Mike had to eat all the broken ones. Once cooled completely you can sprinkle them with confectioners sugar to make them loom more "lacy". And in this picture you will also see me new three tiered cooling rack I got at the outlet mall!

I made pizza dough later that day with the new dough hook I ordered but I forgot to take pictures....boo. 

Monday brought the slow cooker and some pork loin back ribs from Grandma bathed in a Asian Ginger Wasabi BBQ Bath from my Mom:

Quite yummy actually.

Today I took the plants back outside and look what I found:

Bummer. It was the only plant we couldn't bring inside every night and look what happened. Oh well. We will just have to try again. So to cheer myself up I decided to try the corn bread recipes in the Betty Crocker cook books (pg 93 in the '56 copy and pg 80 in the '61 copy).



The mixer did really good with the corm meal mixture. One new thing I have never done before was heat up the muffin tins before pouring the batter in. I have never seen a recipe call for that before. One note: I would add more sugar to the batter.

And that's about it. Sorry today's post wasn't very exciting. I am still recovering from my house guest!

To hold you over....here is a picture of Daddy and his little girl :)

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