Jan 14, 2010

Don't go Conan!

Sorry, I really like Conan O'Brien and NBC so I don't want him to go.

In other news, another beautiful day so, for all you northerners, I went for another walk to enjoy the temps and the sun!

Baking was calling my name today, so bake I did. We had purchased baking cocoa and walnuts last month and I wanted to make some chocolate nut cookies. I decided on the Chocolate Creme Drop from the 1956 book on pg 196.

And then I made some basic butter cream frosting from the book as well. Mike decided on vanilla frosting instead of chocolate. I don't think he likes the double chocolate idea. I feel like I have overloaded you with mixer pictures so I will hold off.....for now : )
Here are the finished cookies:
The cookies are almost cake like, but so good! And yes, I suck at frosting things.

You may think I currently only have 2 cookbooks in my collection, but I have quite a few for some one who really didn't cook much till she moved to Florida. One that I use frequently is Light Cooking:

Grandma thought I should use this cookbook ...and she was right, I do really like the light twist on classic favorites and since it's from 1994 alot of the fake crappy substitutes that they are trying to market today are not included. Today's choice from the book was Freezer Buttermilk Biscuits. You are supposed to cut them into squares and freeze them and save them for later, which I was going to do, but I got lazy and just made them into drop biscuits. I may make some more to tomorrow for freezing for a later date. If you do get a hold of the recipes (I forgot to take a picture), I used 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour. I also replaced the shortening with butter (I just love butter, but not so light cooking!), and I used fake "buttermilk" which was skim milk mixed with vinegar and allowed to curdle slightly. They came out tasting great of course:

Tomorrow is Pineapple's 2nd birthday and I was thinking about making her a puppy birthday cake or treat.

While you wait, here is a picture of here on the first day we brought her home from the humane society (at 8 months old):

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