Jan 17, 2010

Sun Burn

I don't know why I thought no sunscreen was a good idea on a sunny, 75 degree day on the beach in Florida. I look like a red raccoon and I have a interview tomorrow....yay! I am going to look like a stupid tourist.

Mike is sick (as you learned in yesterday's post) and as part of "doctor's oders" fishing was in store. We trekked down to Venice Beach on the gulf coast so Mike could fish with my Aunt on the jetty while I read and got sun burnt. Here ya go:

There was a high surf advisory today and there were a ton of surfers out today (these pictures don't really do them justice).


Mike after snagging a ladyfish:

Lorri caught this 6lb black drum:

And then she said "This will make great meal", so she started to gut and fillet it right there on the jetty.


And home we went with fresh caught dinner.

Mike made a orange butter sauce with lemon and basil (did I mention the oranges were from a tree at my Aunt's house....yay more free food!). Before cooking:

And after a few minutes on the grill:


Put it with a little rice and it's magic:

Some of the best fish I have ever had! I usually don't like fish (except salmon) because it comes out too flaky or dry or too fishy, but this was really moist and not too flaky and paired amazingly with the orange. I say "bravo" to both the fisher-woman (Lorri) and the chef (Mike)!

Until tomorrow, here is one of our babies, Canti:




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