Feb 8, 2012

Finally....Photo Dump Part 3 (and a few new things)

As you might have guessed, I have quite a few photos clogging up my computer. Let me begin with the final addition to the photo dump. These photos are from April of 2011 (so when the garden was just starting up), but since then we have expanded the garden quite a bit and had a few more harvests:

Some flowers that I won at a Tampa plant show:

The roses Mike gave me for St.Valentine's Day in February 2011:

My cute lizard planter:

Baby blueberries!

Sprouting cantaloupe seeds:

Baby pepper (green, banana, and jalapeno):

Baby orange:

Now for something new. As I mentioned, Mike and I are both now vegan. When I have more time I will explain. We are also keen on avoiding processed foods. Really the only processed foods we eat now are almond and soy milk, and tortillas and tortilla chips. Everything else we make: cereal, bread, ice cream, etc. That being said, here is tonight's dinner:
Corn tortillas, organic avocados, local organic tomatoes, local organic onions, and jalapenos and green pepper from our garden. To my surprise, 3 of them were very, very filling. This is a very simple vegan meal. Just saute the onions, green peppers, and jalapenos in a little olive oil. Use the same pan to toast your tortillas, and assemble. If you feel you need more, just add a side of rice or bean (or even put the rice or beans in the tacos).

Until next time, enjoy this photo of my Pineapple that I took with my new iphone:

Feb 4, 2012

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

It has been just over 6 months since I posted last....holy crap!

I have been thinking a lot about starting up again. Of course I have not taken many pictures of the amazing things that have happened or have been created since last time.

A quick run down of what has happened (since the last real post which was in April):
-I got married :)  On June 24th, 2011, I married my boyfriend of 10 years on our 10 year anniversary at the Cleveland Zoo!
-We bought a brand new car (a 2011 Honda Fit).
-We expanded the garden by adding about 20 feet of new raised beds.
-My husband and I became vegan (or what he calls " an opportunistic vegan"; I'll explain more later)!
-Some idiot ran into my brand new car (I had only 2000 miles on the car!).
-I started buying my veggies from a local, organic farmer for way cheaper than any grocery store.
-I ran my 3rd half marathon the weekend before Thanksgiving (with my Dad and his girlfriend).
-My husband's sister and her family came down for a visit in early December.
-I joined a gym :)
-My husband and I went to Hawaii in December for our honeymoon and discovered some great foods!
-I am still working as a teacher at the exact same University (I guess that's not really a change).
-My husband and I have decided that we are going to start trying for a child towards the end of this year :)

Busy is a word I would use to describe what has been going on.
Hopefully I can get back on the train (just for my own amusement, since I am sure everyone stopped reading when I fell off the face of the earth).

Until next time (which should be soon), enjoy this picture of my husband after we kayaked out to the sunken island in Kane'ohe Bay on Oahu, Hawaii: