Jan 4, 2010

It's Florida.....why is it so cold?

Well I guess it's colder in other parts of the country....but this is not what I signed up for when I decided to move to Florida. Since it's "cold" all the plants are still inside.

If you look closely you can see the lavender is now in a larger pot : ) I wasn't sure how well our plants were going to do with all the moving back and forth and the cold weather so I decided to harvest some basil and cilantro.

And then I chopped them up and made herb ice cubes for use at a later date.

Then I had this job to tackle....well this doesn't look that bad, but you should see the closet I was trying to shove all this stuff into and make it accessible.

Here is the closet post shoving.....it's not perfect but it's way better than before. This is where I store some towels for the dogs, our filing boxes, our safe, and all of my crafting supplies: sewing machine, notions, all my fabric, books, paper, wrapping supplies, and other random useful (at least I think they are useful) items.

I would like to get a small set of shelves for that blank spot on the wall so I may organize even more. The joy of organizing!

Tonight's dinner was very simple since we were cleaning all day (and I mean all day, 10-4, since we had a slight mildew problem to deal with in our back room). My Dad gave Mike the Rachael Ray M.Y.O.T.O Card Deck and I made Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. Except I had no carrots and we used thin rice noodles instead of the very similar bean thread noodles, but it still came out very good especially using our fresh herbs! Here it is still steaming in the pot:

Like I mentioned before, I may be taking a few days off, but I will still be taking pictures so you willl be able to see my awesome cooking skills : ) In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of little Mikey with our now big ball python, Ichi:

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