Jan 24, 2010

"Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah, Roma, Roma-ma, Gaga, ooh-la-la"....Sorry I have been obssesed with Lady Gaga today

Mike went fishing today and when I called my Aunt yesterday to make sure everything was golden for today and she told me "Make sure Mike brings some of your homemade cookies". Crap. We had already eaten all those chocolate chip cookies (I know, shame on us). I had to make something and make something quick (since it was 4pm and we had a play to go to at 8pm). I decided on the Cocoa Drop Cookies from the 1956 cookbook:
And topped them with the Easy Creamy Icing:

I bought this tiny food processor a while ago for like $10 and I love it. I have used it to make hummus, chop nuts, mince garlic, etc. I don't really need a big one so this one is great. Here it is chopping up the walnuts:
Of course the mixer dealt perfectly with chocolaty batter and walnuts:

After my icing attempt: I tried to use the piping bag to decorate the cookies. I must have made the frosting too thick and I must not of secured the tip properly, anyway, the tip busted off and I spewed icing every where. So I just decided to use a spatula...whatever!

I guess everyone liked them, but I won't get the full report till I go down to Sarasota on Thursday.

We got our Angel Food box yesterday so I needed to start clearing out the freezer of the old food. What I came up with was sort of odd but worked. I sauteed some onions, frozen broccoli, and pork in oil:
Then I added the stuffing from the chicken the other night (consisting of rice, tomato, and carrots):

Heated it for a minute or two and that was it:
Nothing spectacular, but very colorful and edible. So when ever you need to use up whats left in the freezer or fridge just saute it in olive oil with some spices. Thats what I do!

As February is getting closer, I am getting worried about the $150 a month food plan. I know we will be able to do it next month, but not in a way that will be reasonable for other people to follow. Let me explain. I already had alot of basics in my pantry, fridge, and freezer, but when Mike got home today he had a car full of food. My Aunt had gone to BJs and thought I need some staples: 10lb of white flour, 5lbs of brown sugar, 4lbs of butter, 8 small cans of diced tomatoes, 4 super large cans of whole tomtaoes, a huge bag of chips, crab meet, sausage, 2lbs of mozzarella, and of course, every single orange and  grapefruit from her tree at home that we didn't grab 2 weeks ago when we were there (by the way, we still have half of the oranges from last time!). The pantry:
The fridge (notice all the orange color):

The fridge door:

The freezer:
The freezer door:
And the oranges from 2 weeks ago:

Please don't be disappointed if I can't really blog about living on $150 food budget till April (March is visitor month!). 

Until next time, here is one my most favorite pictures of Mike and I at Warped Tour all the way back in 2002:

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