Jan 21, 2010

Thursday.....Just Thursday

Let me share my butterscotch pie with you from yesterday. The recipe was the same in both of my Betty Crocker cookbooks, but one said to bake it for 10min and the other just said to let it cool.

Pretty much it's like butterscotch pudding. Here is me trying to cook the pudding:

This was also my first time tempering eggs and I totally screwed it up. I managed to scramble about 1/3 of the eggs :( But the pie still tasted fine, it just looked kinda weird with small pieces of egg floating around:

Better luck next time.

So my neighbors gave us some chicken that they didn't want so chicken was it for tonight. I made a slight variation on the stuffed chicken recipe from my Light Cooking book

The filling was just cooked yellow rice, cooked carrots, diced tomatoes, and basil (quite different from the recipe), but it was cooked just the same. First you pound out the chicken to make it flat:

Then you stuff it with the filling and use wet toothpicks to hold it shut while it cooks:

First you pan sear it for about 2 minutes a side and then bake it at 375 for about 20 minutes and then you have delicious-ness.

Since I was slightly disappointed with the pie, I made some chocolate chip cookies from the Light Cooking book (low fat, low cholesterol). Mixer in action, blending brown sugar and oil:

And they came out sort of lumpy but very good:

And that was it. Yay!

Until next time, here is a pillow I made for my friend for Christmas. I got the idea from a sewing magazine I picked up at a JoAnn fabrics.

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