Feb 28, 2010

Mini Chickens!!!!

I love a big breakfast on the weekends. I don't know why. Maybe because my Mom always would make one for us or maybe because it's nice to take the time to relax and enjoy breakfast. Well this morning I made blueberry muffins (from a mix....I know, shame on me):
Some thick cut bacon I got at Aldi:
Remember that whole wheat biscuit dough that I made and froze? Well I popped 4 of them in the oven to go with breakfast:
And add a few fried eggs and you get my version of a breakfast sandwich:
I guess 4 strips of bacon was too much for the little biscuits to handle. And with fresh ground coffee, this breakfast was a little slice of heaven on my day off. 
I forgot to show you what I got at Aldi the other day:
It's a glass cake stand! It was only $8 and it's really solid. Now I have to make something to put in it!
And for what you have been waiting for....dinner! I ended up doing a mix between the sweet roasted cornish game hen recipe and the lime-garlic grilled cornish hen recipe. I used the marinade from the grilled one, but then I roasted them per the other recipe. In the oven:

And done:
No sides, I figured a whole hen would be enough and it was. I was only able to finish half of mine. It was very good! The skin really tasted of lime and the meat was very very juicy. This will be a must when guests are here.

Tomorrow will be nothing exciting since I work, so until we meet again, please enjoy this photo I found on-line along time ago (also in honor of the Olympics):

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