Feb 7, 2010


That is my youngest brothers catch phrase. Real original, I know. But definitely annoying. His birthday is this week (Feb. 12) and since he is going to be 14 years old I know he doesn't read my blog. So I am going to share with you part of his present since I finished it today! I was originally going to do the word "Poop" after being inspired by this bib. I even started on the "P" when it was suggested to me that I should do his catch phrase. So I did:
These are just felt squares that I stitched with embroidery floss. The big letters are in satin stitch and the smaller letters and numbers are a combo of straight stitches and back stitches. I then attached these to a basic cotton shirt with some iron-on paper and a zig-zag outline stitch:
I know not everything is straight or perfect but he is a 14 year old boy for goodness sake, he is not going to care! I actually really liked this idea and I am going to try and spell out more things from the periodic table. Here is the final project (sorry , it is draped over the side of the table):

Now I haven't done much cooking in the past few days since we have been busy traveling back and forth to Sarasota and working on projects. But I did cook some wonderful Orange Coffee Cake from the 1961 cookbook (pg 78). We have a ton of oranges still from my Aunts and Grandma so I figured this was worth a try. The mixer in action:
And the final product:
It wasn't too orangey, which was very nice. It had a light delicate flavor from the 1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice in the batter and about 2 tsp grated rind in the topping. For sure going to make this one again (maybe when company comes down so they can have a little taste of Florida citrus?).
I also finished all the pillows on Friday but I forgot to take a picture. I will take one tomorrow during the day so there is better lighting. Until then, please enjoy this picture of my old friend Brock the groundhog. He used to live under the deck at my old house in Ohio. He was quite friendly and would let me get fairly close to take pictures. I was about 4 feet from him when I took this one:


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