Feb 23, 2010

Anyone have the time?

I haven't been able to do full blown cooking lately. It's been simple meals with things that are either already made or quick to make. I know, it's sad. The mixer looks so sad sitting in the corner, hiding behind the now frequently used coffee maker. I used to spend hours looking through my cook books trying to find recipes that would work with the ingredients I already had on hand, or deciding which cookie recipe sounded good for that day. Now I really don't have time for that any more (though this weekend I hope to get a chance to prepare for all our upcoming guests!). I apologize now if my cooking seems a little bland and I must warn you that I will be using a lot more Aldi products and I may start using their meal planner. Everything is so inexpensive there and plus I am already there for work so why not buy there!

Enough explaining, today after puppy baths and cleaning the house I made the clove cookies from one of the books from Grandma:
Melted butter and sugary goodness:
The batter was sort of thin since it was still warm so the cookies spread out a lot on the baking sheet (probably a little bigger than they should have been):
But they came out very crispy and really really good! It is suggested they be served with tea but I think they would be really good with milk or maybe some vanilla ice cream. Anyway, they will make a nice snack for work tomorrow:

As for dinner, we still had 2 sweet sausages left from Aunt Lorri and 1 loaf of some take and bake bread from Aldi. I really wish I had time to make my french bread, but this will do in a pinch (I already used one loaf the night before for garlic bread):
Nothing too exciting, I know, but it was good food to say the least :)
Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Charlie and Pineapple being spoiled and sleeping on the mattresses that will soon be replaced by a brand new futon mattress (just an FYI for all those coming to visit soon!):

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