Mar 2, 2010

Wait...... it's already March?!?

Time flies even when you aren't having that much fun! Oh well. I was supposed to work today, but I traded with someone so I could clean and cook.....hooray! I hope the house will stay semi-clean for my upcoming guests because I will be working alot!

After picking out a meal to serve to my Mom during her visit this coming Thursday, I decided to try my hand again at making a custard pie (if you remember the last time I tried I scrambled alot of the eggs). This recipe was from the 1961 cookbook but I forgot to write down the page number and I really don't feel like getting up to find it (sorry, I did enough work today!). I finally got to use my mixer which had been sitting lonely in the corner. Some egg and sugar mixing:
And even though I used skim milk it came out perfect! 
It set up so well that even after I removed pieces the custard stayed in place and didn't ooze out all over the place. The only thing I forgot was to cover the edge of the crust with foil before baking. Oops!
Tonight's dinner was semi-homemade (just like that show on Food Network). I made my homemade pasta sauce but with mushrooms this time:
And I topped the rest of the fall shaped pasta and breaded chicken patties with it:
Don't worry, I didn't eat 2 chicken patties, this was Mike's plate :)
Tomorrow after work and after Mike's class we are headed down to Sarasota for dinner. Can't wait! Until next time (probably Thursday night), please enjoy this photo of one the little dull day geckos I used to work with back at Akron:

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