Mar 24, 2010


Today was my first day off in 7 days. Hooray! Not really fun since I know I have to go back tomorrow. Working at this job is making my brain feel atrophied. Ugh.....anyway. Yesterday my shift was switched from 6am-2pm to 4pm-8pm, which I guess it good but if I have to work I would rather it be for more than 4 hours especially since it takes me a half hour to get there. So I decided to make a cake. From the 1956 cookbook, I made the Kitchenette Cake with Butterscotch Glaze. Here is the mixer in action, note the mess everywhere:
The cake baking (and this picture makes me realize I need to clean my oven):
But I did get to use my cake stand again, yay!
The recipe called for a teaspoon of flavoring so I tried imitation rum extract. It smelled really "rum-y" when before I started baking it, but when I tired it the rum flavor was sort of lost and the cake was a little dense, but it tasted very good other wise! Maybe it was because I used all purpose flour instead of the cake flour it called for in the recipe. I have never used cake flour before. Maybe sometime in the future.

After a relaxing morning today and a nice warm walk, I found out that since one of my neighbors was putting in a fence that the whole neighborhood would be without water for a few hours. So my plans to clean dishes, clean gecko tanks, do laundry, and cook were nixed. The water was back by 5, but by then I was already in relax mode again so I just made my simple pasta sauce (don't forget the previous blog entry for the recipe!), pasta, and some drumstick shaped breaded chicken nuggets from Angel Food Ministries, and tada (actually nothing fancy so don't get excited):

I need to start planning for my father's visit next week! Hooray! Can't wait! In the mean time please enjoy this photo of a cute red tegu from when I used to work at Malone University:

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