Mar 13, 2010

It's been too long.......a quick update

As you may recall, March is supposed to be my busy month and boy has it been. After my Mother left, Mike's sister and her family were here for a few days and then my best friend and her fiance were here from last Sunday until yesterday. I did do some cooking, but I didn't take any pictures :( And of course work as been kicking my ass on top of it all. After three 6am to 1pm shifts this week and cleaning all day today in preparation for Mike's parents tomorrow, I "forced" Mike to cook. As I type he is using our electric wok to stir fry some chicken, veggies, and ramen. I hope it turns out good! I am planning on cooking tomorrow night for Mike's parents so I will try and remember to take pictures!

As for this past week, we got to experience some awesome sights and tastes of Tampa Bay. First was Honeymoon Island state park. Not only dose it have beaches but nature trails too! It was the perfect place to spend the day because I can get bored with beaches. The wildlife was also totally awesome. We were able to get within inches of bumbling armadillos (of course I forgot my camera) and saw ospreys and bald eagles both in and out of their nests! And we were always on the look out for rattlesnakes since they are believed to inhabit the island. Next was Terra Mar Brazillian Steakhouse which was excellent. I have never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before and it was a totally awesome experience. And finally the Florida Aquarium which is also a must see. I hate to say it, but it's better than Mote Marine Aquarium in terms of displays and animals. We also tried a local sushi bar and my friends discovered a taco place and a Cuban sandwich place too. Quite an eventful week with work and all.

Well until next time, please enjoy this photo of my Grandpa Lopez, my younger brother Chris, and me at a pool in Disneyworld back in 1993:

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