Mar 5, 2010

Too tired to blog.....I know it's sad

Work is still taking alot out of me but I think that it's the fact that I have to get up at 4:30am and then when I get home at around 3 I can't stay awake long enough to do anything productive. Anyway, Wednesday night was an amazing dinner at Grandma's (like always) and then for Thursday most of my menu came from my 3 and 4 ingredient cook book and the dessert was from the 1961 cookbook. Dinner was grilled steak and chicken with warm tomato salsa (pg 175), spicy potatoes wedges (pg 284), and panini all' olio (pg 421). Unfortunately I only took pictures of the bread (you know what grilled meats and potato wedges look like). I was trying out different shapes. I like the flower looking ones the best:
 And for dessert, minute strawberry pie from the 1961 cook book (pg 356):
I wanted to use graham cracker crust, but I dropped it in the sink and shattered it. Tear. Anyway it came out a little sweet for my liking (and I also forgot to get whipped cream). I am just glad that everything was edible and no one got sick. 
I work tomorrow and my friends arrive on Sunday morning and I haven't had time to plan any meals yet. Oh well. I guess I will just fly by the seat of my pants. But until then, please enjoy this photo my Mom took last night of me, Mike, and one of our baby snakes, Canti:

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