Apr 5, 2010


I have done some cooking in the past two weeks, I just haven't gotten the time to blog! Bummer. Anyway the week off between when Mike's parents visit and my Dad's visit was uneventful except for this:
Pork chops were on sale at Aldi one day, so I pan-seared pork chops and made-up my own version of a mushroom butter sauce and paired it with just some simple green beans. I really like making things up that actually end up tasting good!

Then while my Dad, Mary, and bros were here there was alot of cooking going on, but not by my hand since two of the nights they were here I had to work. One night I set them up to make enchiladas (which Mary improvised on and they came out awesome!). The next day I started the slow cooker with chicken and tomatoes in it (except I used my homemade chicken stock instead of wine like the recipe called for) and they made rice to have with it. Then it was finally mine (and Mike's) turn to cook. On Thursday night we made baby back ribs, but I forgot to take pictures. Instead of grilling them, Mike boiled them and then roasted them and they actually came out really good! And the last night they were here I made some cornish game hens again:
I used the same lime-lemon-garlic marinade, stuffed them with lemon, and roasted them:
And, as always, yummy!

Sadly (and with many tears), my Dad, Mary, and the boys had to leave on Saturday morning. So for Easter, I invited one of my neighbors over for dinner. She is a wonderful woman with lots of interesting (and very scary) stories. Anyway, I purchased a pre-marinated leg of lamb from Aldi and I paired it with the same lima bean recipe I used when Mike's parents were here and some braided bread. The lamb cooking:
The lima beans:
The mixer working the dough:
In the oven:
Out of the oven:
Everything was spectacular! I think I like the bread the best! It was so good, I am amazed that I was able to make something that kept it's shape.

In other news, I still strongly dislike Aldi. I dread going to work every day. The new people they hired still can't do their jobs properly, which means I have to pick up the slack when I am there and then I have no options for switching shifts. I feel like if I was ever sick or had some sort of emergency I would be shit out of luck. If anyone knows of any jobs that would utilize my degrees, let me know!

Until next time, please enjoy these photos of the pups before their bath, and the tub after:

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