Apr 25, 2010

A little bit of fishing

I know it's not really crafting or cooking but I wanted to share some of the pictures from the week with you. First it was a visit with my Aunt, Uncle, and their three girls while they were vacationing in Orlando. Here is me with Benita, Jessica, and Alandra:
It was great to see them, it's been a while. Up till about 6 or 7 years ago our families lived near each other in Ohio and I spent alot of the time with the girls when they were young. Now they are all (almost) grown up. It's so amazing what great girls they have become!

After two 10+ hour days at work, I decided that on my day off I would go fishing with Mike, my Aunt Lorri, my Grandma, and her boyfriend Ray. They caught pinfish, jacks, mackerel, trout, and grunts. I lost count of who caught what, so just enjoy these photos:

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