Apr 15, 2010


Yesterday I was scheduled from 7-2. Fine, I can do that. Well Tuesday night (after having to go in for a 8am meeting on that day....my day off), my boss texted me and asked me if I could work 6-1 instead. Okay, fine whatever. That will give me time to get somewhere I need to go that closes at 3pm. Wednesday morning I get up at 5am. I am getting ready to leave at around 5:35 and my boss texts me and says she is running late. So I wait till 6am, leave and get to work around 6:20 thinking that's what she meant by late. She didn't show up until almost 6:50. Why the f*** did I have to get up so early only to sit in my car for 30 minutes and not get paid?!? And then I didn't get to leave till 2pm since we didn't start unloading the truck until 7 am. And it was a huge truck. Normally between 6- 9 (or in this case 7-9) we unload pallets and stock the shelves. Then I get to be cashier for a bit and then go back to doing small pallets here and there. Not Wednesday. I barely got a break. I was working my ass off from 7-2. I am so sore. When I got home that night I felt like some one had kicked my ass and it looked like it too with all the scratches and bruises on my arms and legs. So I had to get up an hour early, and then I couldn't even leave early to make it to the place before it closes at 3 (it's on the west side of Tampa and I work on the east side so there was no way I was going to make it there in time). Ugh....

And guess what else happened on Tuesday, on my day off. The lawn guys finally decided to show up after at least 3 weeks of not mowing. Our lawn is out of control. Anyway, when they show up, we clean up the dog poop and open the gate so they have easy access to our yard (and so they don't break our gate). They are usually here all day working. After they left in the afternoon, I noticed the neighbors yards had been mowed (now granted they didn't seed during the winter so they have significantly less grass than we do). When I looked in our yard this is what I saw:
Well not the ruler (Mike put that there so he could take pictures to send to our property manager to complain). They edged the yard (very poorly I might add) and then never mowed. They mowed everyone elses yard, but ours? WTF!!! Sorry it's been a stressful couple of days. Mike is uber pissed too because he is paying all this money for HOA fees yet they can't even cut our yard? It's only 20 feet by 10 feet!!!

I did get to do some cooking on my day off, but first let me share with you what Mike and I found this past Saturday at a Ross store down here. First a sauce pan from Emeril's line of cookwear by All-Clad which we got for about $9:
The second is this wonderful saute pan that we picked up for $30:
Both were very good deals, so I am very excited! I haven't used the sauce pan yet, but I did use the saute pan for dinner on Tuesday night:
I don't know what to call this. I sort of made it up. I partially cooked some star shaped pasta in another pan while I sauteed garlic, onions, and chopped up chicken breast. Then when the pasta was ready I added it to the pan and also added a can of mixed veggies, some chopped tomatoes and a little pasta sauce and let it simmer for a few minutes. And that was it. It was really good and really good for you, especially since Mike and I are trying to eat healthier and smarter.

After that being said, I did make cookies on Tuesday too. But can you blame me, this box of mix was only 49 cents:
The cookie recipe did say it was going to make 21 3 inch cookies, but I ended up making about 3-4 dozen 1.5 inch cookies:
So we are eating them in moderation and trying to make them last for at least a week, if not more.

Well I close tonight and tomorrow night, so until next time, please enjoy this photo of baby Charlie during the first week we had them:

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