Apr 9, 2010

Things are looking up...

If you know me personally, then you know what I am talking about. But I can't say too much more until all is final.....I don't want to jinx it!

I want to share a few things that were made during this week. Mike has been making these personal pizzas this week using whole wheat square wraps:
This one had some of my home made pizza sauce, ground beef left over from tacos earlier in the week, onion, whole garlic cloves, and parmesan (since we ran out of all other cheeses!).

Super lean ground beef (93/7) was on sale, so Thursday night's dinner was ground beef with green beans and white rice (since Mike had a craving for it):
Nothing fancy, just a simple skillet meal. Really easy. It was good, nothing spectacular or super gourmet, but edible and low in fat and sodium!

After rummaging in the freezer for a few minutes yesterday, I found some imitation crab meat that my Aunt had sent up a while ago and a bag of frozen sweet corn. So why not some corn and crab chowder?
It was very colorful with the red peppers, yellow corn, and orange crab. Mike decided to make his bowl pretty:
I made way too much (especially since we still have left overs from Easter), but it was really good. I used skim milk instead of whole milk, so it was low in fat. I also upped the quantity of onion, red pepper, and corn so you get lots of veggies! Yum. Rachael Ray hasn't really done us wrong yet. Speaking of Rachael Ray, I really need to make some more recipes from the M.Y.O.T.O card set Dad got us for Christmas.

I need to stop making so much food! We have so many left overs, but Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution has me really wanting to make everything I eat. Which also reminds me, I need to make some more home made granola bars. They are so expensive at the store plus they have also sorts of preservatives and additives in them.

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Mike holding a little garter snake on a herpetology trip in the Smoky Mountains back in 2008:

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