Jun 13, 2010

Worn out or too many x-files?

No, not really. I just have been lazy.Yes, Mike and I have been catching up on our past seasons of X-flies on Netflix. I have two weeks worth of photos on my computer right now, including the wonderful pizza Mike helped me make tonight, but I am too tired to crop and edit the photos. What is wrong with me? I love this blog and cooking thing, but maybe my mind is too overloaded with all the information pouring into my brain from work. I am also starting to gear my nightly dinners into those "easy" and "quick" dinners because I am freaking starving when I get home. I also haven't had the time to peruse my cook books the way I used too....tear....I did have time to take pictures of me with my animals. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Well at work clients apparently think that the nurses don't have pets and we don't care about their animals since we don't understand. Totally not true! So all the nurses are taking pictures with their pets which we will then use to make a large poster to hang in the waiting area so people can see we do care! And it's so true, I do feel bad for people who come in with sick pets. Many times the treatment for that sickness is very costly which causes more stress for the owners, so much so that some animals don't receive the treatment they need. It's very sad to see a sick pet that needs help. Hmm....now that I think about it, maybe dealing with all the emotional stress is what is causing me to become a blogging slacker. Oh well.... until next time, please enjoy the photos that I am going to use for our poster.
Me and my two ball pythons:
My two crested geckos:
And of course, my two big babies:

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