Jun 21, 2010

The Summer Solstice

How did I spend the longest day of the year? Doing as little as possible. Well, not really. I was getting over a 24 hour bug I came down with yesterday, so this morning was spent watching FIFA World Cup soccer games and finishing the laundry I tired to start yesterday. Once I start watching a game, I get sucked in and can't do anything else until it is over. It will be this way on days I have off until the cup is over. Come on, it only happens once every 4 years :)

Before I share tonight's dinner, let me show you what Mike made for dinner last night (since I was sick):

I had thawed out the mackerel that he caught last month a few days before, so we had to cook it last night. I asked for him to cook it in the yummy garlic chili ginger sauce we have, like he has done many times before. He did, but he decided to coat the fish with corn meal mixed with brown sugar and then cooked them in canola oil and the yummy sauce I love so much. Since the sauce was Asian inspired, he paired it with soba noodles mixed with seaweed. The soba noodles were awesome, especially with the seaweed flavor. Seaweed, I feel, is an acquired taste. The fish wasn't half bad either. I have never had fish coated in corn meal before (even though it is a very common thing down south), so it was something new. Yet another way to cook fish.

Tonight's meal was designed to use up the last of the "puttanesca" sauce I made last week. I sauteed some boneless, skinless chicken breast with the left over sauce and some fresh basil. I then mixed in some cooked shells and topped it all with fresh basil:
It was wonderful and very fresh tasting even though the sauce was a few days old. I wanted to make this since I am trying to go on a diet again so I can slim down for my wedding next year. So you may been seeing lighter versions of dishes I used to make, but don't worry, I still indulge myself in decadent treats like cookies just so I don't go mad. I was actually thinking about making some on my day off this Wednesday.

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of a rare bark anole that I caught in the Florida Keys during a class back in 2008 (don't worry, the harness doesn't hurt him, it's just to keep him from running away):

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