Jun 14, 2010

An obession with pizza

It was pouring when I got home from work today and I decided not to make my camera brave the weather to take picture of the garden......maybe later this week.

Now to play catch up......back up to Thursday, June 3rd. I had planned on making this balsamic glazed pork chop recipe after work but, for some reason I don't recall now, Mike made it for me instead. He paired it with some rice (and his beer of choice for that day):
It was good, a little vinegar-y for my taste, but I wouldn't mind eating it again. I think next time we could cut down on both the balsamic vinegar and chicken broth and it would make more of a glaze then a sauce, but the rice was excellent at soaking it up.

Next, Friday, June 4th. I knew I wasn't going to be up to making dinner that night so I commissioned Mike to make pizza. I gave him my basic pizza dough recipe, but he decided to spruce it up a bit with some oregano, parsley, and some other spices. He also made it without sauce, just tomatoes and mozzarella:
The crust was divine! It tasted like italian bread sticks...yum! And the pizza was great even without the sauce. Wait...this pizza reminds me of something.....yes....a margherita pizza! Well it's not quite a margherita pizza....but read on :)

Monday June 7th was ground turkey day. I really haven't used ground turkey before in anything and frozen ground turkey at Aldi is pretty cheap and, I have heard, is very good for you. Since we still had a can of spinach (Popeye!), I decided on ground turkey with rice and spinach (sorry I forgot to take a picture before we ate):
It was decent but definitely could have used some more salt. The addition of dill weed pleasantly surprised me and it made it very bearable. Ground turkey is nothing exiting, it definitely needs to be spiced up.

That same day, before dinner, I was craving something pumpkin, but not pumpkin pie. I found this recipe for pumpkin dump cake. I made the mistake of telling Mike the name of it while I was making it and he said something along the lines of "I am not eating something with dump in the name". It was very easy to make, which is good for my now faster paced life :) Here is a shot after I ate the first piece so you could see the pumpkin layer on the bottom:
Delicious! I loved it (and so did Mike, of course). I still have some more canned pumpkin left....I know what I am making on my day off this week.

Onto Thursday the 10th. This was sort of a made up day. I had a packet of crab cake mix and canned crab from Grandma, so I was going to make crab cakes, but the little packet said "try the crab mix baked on top of fish fillets". Hey, that sounds like a good idea! I still have ton of fish fillets left. I didn't know what else to do with the jacks Mike caught, so I baked those with the crab cake stuff on top and paired it with sauteed scallops and some peas:

For being freezer burned, the scallops turned out pretty good. Now the fish on the other hand...the fish was moist, but the crab cake mix was way too salty. Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe next time I need more crab to spread the mix farther so it doesn't seem as salty.

And finally we are caught up to last night. Using Mikes wonderful variation on my dough recipe we made real margherita pizza with fresh basil from the garden:
It was fantastic! I am drooling just thinking about it now. I am definitely now obsessed with making pizza, which adds to my obsession of the combo of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

You are now caught up and so am I (almost, just need to take the garden pictures!). Until next time, please enjoy this close up photo of my two gecko babies, Renji (girl on left) and Yomi (boy on right):

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