Jun 17, 2010

The Wonderful Mr.Fox

My cousin, the wonderful Mr.Fox, kiddo of the infamous Aunts you always hear me talking about, has gone to heaven today. When my Aunt was still a NYC police officer, she found this poor little guy, abandoned, and wandering the cold, lonely streets. He was a bait dog for illegal pit bull fighting (poor pit bulls....I love my pit bull mix Pineapple!).  Due to the fighting, he was missing the upper part of his right lip, sometimes leading to the name Fang. A happy dog that always new what he wanted,  Fox lived out the rest of his life with my Aunts, moving from NY to retire in sunny Florida. We love you Mr.Fox and you will be in our memories forever.


  1. Dearest Stephanie and Mike~
    Thank you so much for the kind words on our Beloved Mr.Fox. A beautiful tribute, indeed!! It is very much appreciated. Love~ The Infamous Aunts~ Lorri and Jo

  2. Stephanie-

    Thank you - A wonderful tribute to Mr. Fox! He was a special part of so many good times and will be dearly missed!

    Love, Don & Bruce

  3. You write beautifully ~ you can do my obit in the distant future! Fox was definitely the prince of dogs!