Sep 27, 2010

I am running out of good titles...

Yesterday was baking day. To start the day off I made coffee cake from my Betty Crocker cookbook:
I was trying to make the streusel-filled variety, but this is what happened:
It came out more like cinnamon swirl coffee cake. How did I screw this one up? Well when I went to make the streusel topping, I think the butter was a little too warm and it melted all the brown sugar even before it got to the oven. It still was awesome. I think I may make it this way again.

The pie, the wonderful apple pie. Apples are finally in season again so Aldi's had multiple varieties and they had their pre-made pie crusts again. I am still working on my pasty making and I wanted this pie to be good, so I used a pre-made bottom crust. But Mike wanted a crumble top instead of a normal apple pie crust. So here it is:
I will share the taste sensation with you in a bit.

Dinner (before our 7 mile run/walk) was nachos made with ground turkey, onions, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and jalapenos:
It would have been nice with some sour cream, but that's not something I normally stock in the fridge. But for ground turkey mixed with taco seasoning, it was excellent. I have never thought to use ground turkey in nachos but I got the idea from the Jennie-O website. It was a little too heavy to eat before a long run, that's for sure.

But after the run, what did we have? Well how about some homemade vanilla ice cream with warm apple pie on our wonderful new plates:
Sooo good. That's all I have to say about that.

And tonight's dinner, shrimp tacos! Mike prepared everything tonight, and instead of avocado mayo, we just had slices of avocado:
Yum :)

Until next time, please enjoy this website that brings me much laughter. Even though I am a crafter and I screw a lot up, this is still hilarious. WARNING: Some language and pictures contain adult content.

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