Oct 11, 2010

Catch of Yesterday

Yes, I know. I skipped a baking Sunday. Shame on me. Come to think of it, what was I doing last Sunday? Uh, I think I slept most of the day :) Oh well. Let's back it up to Sept. 29th. A dish you have seen many times before, but never gets old. Whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce and fresh basil, courtesy of Mike:
Do I really need to describe this dish again to you? It's pretty self explanatory.

Last Monday we finally used up the last of the fish we had in the freezer (only for me to be summoned next door by my neighbor who gave me a bag of frozen tilapia as well as a bunch of other food). Another night of Mike cooking. He grilled up the swai along with some potato fries:
We had never done potato fries on the grill before and I have to say I am quite impressed. They had the nice smokiness of the grill that went really well with the fish (which I now forgot what Mike cooked it in).

2 days later it was finally my turn to make dinner. I opted for something really easy since I was meeting my friend later that evening. This is what I came up with:
Sauteed onions and italian sausage with white rice. Mike very much enjoyed it. The onions were really good, but I haven't been a real big fan of sausage. I think it has alot to do with spending part of my childhood in Bucyrus, OH, the bratwurst capital of the US. Since then I have to really be in the mood for sausage to actually enjoy in.

I did actually do some baking this past Sunday while Mike spent the day fishing. I made ranger cookies from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook:
They have oatmeal, raisins, and coconut in them. They are actually a little too sweet for my liking and I think that's because I used sweetened coconut. Oh well. At least they are edible.

After his finishing adventures yesterday, Mike returned with some flounder, grouper, and red snapper. We did not cook any yesterday since I had plans in the evening, but we made up for it tonight. We used the crispy flounder fillets recipe from the fish cookbook Mike got for me. I prepared everything, and Mike cooked it. Pineapple was all about the free smells:
We made quite a bit, but we wanted to use the flounder while it was still fresh. Paired with some steamed broccoli, and dinner is served:
The flounder was so good. It just melted in your mouth and it wasn't fishy at all. I think I am sending Mike out again this weekend to catch some more.

Something else I have been meaning to share. My mother's birthday was a few weeks ago and I made her a very late birthday present, but I was waiting to share it until she got it so I wouldn't ruin the surprise.
I made potholders :)  She seemed to like them, so I am glad I made them.

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of  me from back in 2007 when Mike and I took a spring break vacation down to Florida to visit my Aunts. This is when I used to dye my hair black and when I was very impressed with my lizard catching skills:

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  1. I loved the pot holders! It was very thoughtful to make them with the tea pots on them since I have a collection of tea pots dating back to when my Polish grandfather was in WWII. We will need to have a tea party when you visit Ohio! Thanks a bunch my talented daughter!!