Sep 15, 2010


Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best. And it doesn't always need to be with food. Simplifying your life or enjoying the simplicity of a warm summer's night or even a simple kiss.

Last night's dinner was just that, simple. Put the pasta on to boil, picked some fresh basil from the garden outside, and heated up some canned diced tomatoes (with a few essential spices) and ta da:
Mike was commenting on how good it was as he stuffed his face. I really didn't do anything spectacular. But it just shows how good simple can be.

Tonight's dinner was also simple. Broiled the last of the grouper fillets in some melted butter and lemon juice and steamed up some veggies:
Not as splendid as the pasta, but still simple, good, and healthy.

And that rounds out my simple day. Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Mike and my youngest brother during a hike we took back in 2007:

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