Sep 13, 2010

Shrimp Tacos!!!

Yes, I made shrimp tacos for dinner tonight and they were wonderful. I finally used the big (well bigger than the one I currently have) food processor Mike bought for me about a month ago:
These tacos weren't as good as Taqueria Monterrey but they were still super awesome. So here you go:

Steph's Super Easy Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Mayo

30-40 medium peeled and cooked shrimp
2 ripe avocados
1 medium sized tomato
corn tortillas (I think we ended up using 10)
2-3 tbsp light mayo
1-2 tbsp of lime juice
a pinch of pepper
a pinch of salt

Thaw the shrimp per instructions on bag (next time I am going to try uncooked shrimp so I can grill them myself). Prepare avocado mayo by placing 1 chopped avocado in the food processor with the mayo, lime juice, salt and pepper. Blend until almost completely smooth. If using pre-cooked shrimp, saute thawed shrimp in skillet for about 2-3 minutes until warm. Remove from skillet, cover and set aside. Heat corn tortillas in skillet while chopping tomato and other avocado. Then all that's left to do is combine everything. Yay!

Like I said before, I think I may get uncooked shrimp and grill them next time. Also, maybe I will pick out little less ripe avocados so I can make pretty slices, instead of the mush it looks like.

I am now full, thus it is time to veg out on the couch and watch Mike play the copy of Halo Reach that he got the day before the release. Until next time, please enjoy this photo of my Grandma at one of her birthday parties before her stroke:

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