Sep 25, 2010

Live life like you want to live it

My Father reminded me tonight of something my Grandma used to say. I miss her so much. Each glance at her picture brings tears to my eyes. Wearing her jewelry instills in me a sense a pride and love but still a tinge of sadness. I apologize for all the sentimental blabber, but I am still struggling with the emotional turmoil this has left in my head. Every day I strive to be like her in so many ways. When I am making dinner, doing chores, or even shopping, I think to myself "this is what Grandma would have liked" or "this is what Grandma would have done".

Speaking of dinner (nice transition, right?). I wanted to go out to eat tonight but then I reminded myself how much it costs and how much money I don't have. Mike and I went grocery shopping at Aldi's tonight (I ran out of eggs and can I have baking Sunday without eggs and milk!?!), and picked up some eye of round steak for dinner. Now even though this took a little while, it is more wholesome (and cheaper) than a dinner from one of our local restaurants. I give you eye of round steak with homemade mashed potatoes (using my homemade chicken broth) and fresh spinach salad:
The spinach is a little wilted, but it was the last in the bag and I wanted to use it up. As for the steak.....well I read, after the fact, that this cut of meat should have been marinated for 6-12 hours. It was quite tough, good, but tough. A nice cheap cut and probably a really good cut if marinated properly. Of course my potatoes are always amazing, but what can I say :)

No dessert tonight, but I will be making apple pie tomorrow! Yay! Until next time, please enjoy this photo from 2005 of my Grandma, Grandpa, and I at the velodrome where my Grandpa used to bike race (I think):

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