May 12, 2010

Cooked rats....

Doesn't that sound appetizing? Just a funny story: I have been feeding my snakes frozen rats for the past few months since decent live ones are hard to find down here. Anyway, after the rats thaw all day, I microwave them in water for a few minutes at a very low power just to heat them up so the snakes will be interested in them. Well it's been a few months since one of my snakes has eaten (don't worry, I offer her food at least every 2 weeks), so I thought a really warm rat may be enticing. I wrapped the rat in a wet paper towel and put it in the microwave for 1 minute on power level 2 (which is what I normally cook them at). At about 30 seconds in I heard a popping noise and said "oh shit", then I ran to the microwave. I opened the microwave and un-wrapped the rat and thought "oh, this rat still looks good, I can feed it to Ichi" and as soon as I thought that the abdomen popped open and intestines started spewing out. Okay, so the rat was now no longer good. Then Mike can running in, gagging, asking what happened, since the house now smelled like cooked rat poop. You live and you learn.

On that wonderful note, let me share with you dinner from the last few nights! On Monday night I called Mike on my way home from work and said "Can you make up some of my pizza dough so we can have pizza tonight?" and he said "sure!". Well when I got home, after he had already made the dough, I realized we had no cheese and no tomatoes. So this is what we ended up with:
A pizza with my homemade sauce, sliced olives, and canned (rinsed!) spinach. It really wasn't that bad! It is probably quite good for you too since there is no cheese (now cheese really isn't that bad for you, it just has a little too much saturated fat for my liking). This was an experiment that turned out surprisingly well.

Last night (again I worked the close shift) I had Mike make dinner again and he really wanted beer battered fish and chips. We don't have a deep fryer (and that's probably a good thing), so he just pan fried the fish (fish that he caught I might add) in some oil in our big saute pan and he also made those spicy fries that we love so very much:
The fish sort of looks like fried chicken in this picture. It was really good, but probably really bad for us at the same time. But at least we made it ourselves (right Jamie Oliver?)!

Today was just leftovers from Grandma, but I think tomorrow might be my version of sheppard's pie. Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Bernie doing some work. Bernie was a CPR dummy that my Dad let me borrow to use for some research I did as an undergrad. Bernie, with his camera mounted on his head, would watch lizards on the treadmill for us while we did other things:

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