Jan 1, 2011


Not only are we renovating the house, but it's the new year and it's time to renovate my new years resolutions. Like everyone on the planet, of course I want to get in shape and eat healthier. I am pretty much forced to because I am running another half marathon and I don't want to die! But one resolution I never think of is to strengthen all of the meaningful relationships in my life. If losing my Grandma has taught me one thing, it's to cherish the things that you love. And the side resolutions that aren't as important revolve around making more homemade goods (food and presents alike) and sticking with my budget (since obtaining a job I have let it get a little out of control!).

Our back room (the guest, reptile, junk, workout room) was covered in carpet when we moved in. Now carpet isn't so bad except for the fact that I think the carpet was 20 years old and the only way to the backyard was through the back room. The issue was a lot of mold building up under carpet between the concrete and the degrading carpet padding. The carpet was also off white and the area near the back entrance was starting to look a little brown. After much research, Mike decided on natural slate tile. My Aunt and Mike hard at work:

The floor is now finished, but the room finishing touches (fixing and painting the moldings, painting the walls, and fixing the thresholds) are not done yet. It will all look amazing once everything is cleaned up and put back together. More to come in the future....

Even with my hectic schedule from switching jobs I managed (barely) to make some Christmas presents. Granted, everyone got the same things, but they were each different. The gathered clutch:

I got the pattern from Noodlehead's blog site. Only 2 of the 6 I made had this inside pocket style, the other 4 just had a single credit card pocket.

And the final four:
Yes, two were the same pattern, but I liked that style a lot (plus I had a lot of the fabric). They weren't very complicated, they just took a little while since it was a lot of small pieces. Hopefully they people who got them will use them at least once!

No food today, sorry :(  Until next time, please enjoy this photo of Pineapple I took with my new camera (yes, after 6 years I finally got a new digital camera!):

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