Jan 13, 2011

Full time

I have only been back in Florida for 6 days and only worked 3, but I have already worked 40 hours! I don't know how I am going to make time write my blog, let alone train for my half marathon coming up in less than 2 months! But I digress....

The first night I was home it was just simple pot-stickers:
Not homemade, just made at home. I just wanted to show off my pretty plates and napkins :)

Sunday morning is waffle morning, but I thought I would be cool and throw some fruit into the mix:
Why am I taking full tablescapes now? Well we got a new table from Ikea. It is smaller than our old table, but it has neat hidden leaves. Plus it gives us more room in the kitchen and we actually sit down for meals now since it's no longer our desk (we got little fold out desks for the walls in the back room). Just maximizing our space!

The one night this week I got out semi on time I was able to make some pork shoulder steak tacos:
I got the idea from this recipe, used what I had in the cupboard, and a paired it with homemade cilantro lime rice and warmed, corn tortillas. Delicious! The one thing it was missing was some dairy, either sour cream or shredded cheese would have been nice, but we need to crack down on our budget again so I used what we had on hand!

I enjoy following some crafting websites (as you might have noticed from my Blog roll). After enjoying Craft Fail, I decided I would share my one Christmas present this year I would consider a craft fail. I had a pattern for how to spruce up dish/hand towels. To start, I did not have any towels to spruce up, so I had to make my own out of scrap terry cloth I had on hand. Reading the instructions also proved to be to challenging for me....granted it was Christmas morning and I had to have the present ready to take to my Grandma's by lunch time. Here is my first towel:

Note the bad stitching and the un-matched ends. After doing it wrong once, I got it right the second time:

By this time, I was so frustrated that I just decided to give my Aunt both towels (like the original plan) and just apologized for my crappy work. I guess she still loves me :)

Until next time.....well I got nothing for ya......sorry.....my bad.

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