Apr 21, 2011

Photo Dump : Part 2 of 3

After the last post took me about 3 hours to complete I didn't know if I would have the energy for this one. But don't worry....it will be short. Just a few crafts I recently completed, mostly as wedding/baby gifts for my cousin. I have some other things in the works for bridesmaid gifts, but, shhhh, those are a secret :)

Mike found this book some time ago. We have made quite a few animals from this book (including some Pineapple and Charlie look-a-likes Mike made for me before I went on a trip). I thought this hedgehog would be good (especially with sew on eyes instead of the button ones I usually use), plus its one we haven't made yet.
He's a little awkward and a little crooked, but lovable (I hope!). He sort of looks like a long potato with hair, but soft.

My next slightly awkward item was a cupcake pincushion:
I found the idea here. Obviously this woman has been making them for a while. First thing I learned is that you should probably sew more than just a seam on the cupcake part, like sew through the whole thing so when you are assembling it you don't push it through and unravel the whole thing, like I did, and then Mike had to fix it. Yea.....plus I picked a sleeve cuff that was a tad too long. At least it is functional!  Top view:

I wanted to make something I knew how to make pretty well and would be a passable wedding gift. Napkins and placemats. I found this fabric for the napkins in my bin and thought it would be perfect for my cousin:
I needed to make 4, so they had to be rectangular instead of square, but then again they sit nicely across the lap. As for placemats, I wanted to send these to my cousin:
They matched really well and I like the not so straight stripes. Well....I only had enough fabric for 2. Did not realize that until I had already made 2. Bummer. At least Mike and I have a kitchen table for 2. So I made these instead:
These match, sort of, and they were a little thicker and I could make 4....score! I hope they work!

Alright....that's all I got for part 2.....stay tuned for part 3.....until then enjoy this photo of Pineapple and her doppelganger:

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