Dec 29, 2009

Kitchenaid Mixer = Happiness (and my new found green thumb)

Current Ohio Temp: 7 degrees Fahrenheit
Current Florida Temp: 37 degrees Fahrenheit

37 is still better than 7 : )

After a wonderful drive (i.e. no ice or snow or rain), we are back in Florida. The house is still standing and our backyard is finally growing grass. Speaking of the backyard, look at the fruits of our labor!

The rectangular planter in the back has cilantro and basil. The terracotta planter in the front just has some random wildflowers, the middle planter is lavender, and the end planter is Florida avocado. I have never really been able to grow a garden or keep plants alive for that matter, but all my hard work (plus the Florida weather) is starting to pay off! Yay!

Here is a close up of the lavender. I hope to make some lavender infused butter or lavender pork, yum!

We also got one of those Topsy Turvy planters and planted roma tomatoes in it. The only place we could hang it was in our backyard, so it kind of grew funny.

But when we got home, look what surprise we found!

Hopefully it will be a full blown tomato soon! Wondering why we planted all these things? Free tomatoes, basil, and cilantro sounds good to me (especially on our budget). Granted we have to wait a bit on the tomatoes, but it will be totally worth it.

Since we just got back from our 2 week trip, the fridge is what dose that mean? Shopping trip! After Walmart and Aldi's, look what we came home with:

A Kitchenaid mixer!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! This is totally what I wanted, now I can really cook up a storm. It is my Christmas present from Mike, he's so wonderful : )

To complete my new cooking passion we also got a mini slow cooker and a blender. The last blender I had died after making mixed drinks at a party and then to replace it I got the tiny Hamilton Beach mixer.

What an eventful day it has been. Tomorrow will be the first test run of the kitchenaid mixer (I am tingly just thinking about it). Sorry to brag so much about my new toys (and my plants) but I am just so excited....I guess I really am becoming a housewife, but that's not so bad.

Please stay tuned for tomorrow blog.....see how the magical mixer worked and check out the sweet antique cook book I borrowed from my Mom (thanks Mom!) but as you wait please enjoy this picture of our babies (Charlie and Pineapple) waiting for their bath:

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  1. Hey Steph, You got a KITCHEN AID!! That is great I am so happy for you! I enjoyed your visit and miss you already! Your plants look great, your green thumb will bloom in Florida weather for sure :) You might have to replant the lavender in a bigger pot or in the yard, as it gets quite large and spreads. Now that you have a Kitchen Aid you can make just about anything right? :) Loved watching Julie and Julia with you, now it time for you to get cooking girl! Love, Mary